Union of Automobile Silver Jubilee Celebration

• The Union of Automobile celebrated the occasion of the twenty-five years after its establishment as a legal organization representing car dealerships accredited in Kuwait belonging to membership

• The Union of Automobile was founded in 23/08/1978, under the decision of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. Since then, his work is based on the fullest according to what is stipulated in the basic regulations of the Union, and in accordance with legal and commercial systems in force in the country

• The Union of Automobile and car dealerships of associations of employers, regulates the interests of its members and their representatives with third parties, and shows their point of view on various issues of concern to them, commercial or otherwise

• The Union works on the following:
  1. Raise the level of joint action among its members, and help them to exchange information and experiences, and the organization of the competition, and prevent the establishment of unfair competition
  2. Organised activity by demanding import car business, and prevent the indiscriminate import and prevent the introduction of consumer cars, or do not enjoy the security and quality standards. As the car durable and influential in the movement of individuals and their safety, so Union believes it has to be covered by warranty and guarantee and the requirement standards appropriate for the Gulf region, and to ensure after-sales service through the development of workshops qualified technical repair and provision of spare parts are met.
  3. The Union calls for an effective legal disposition controls ownership of the vehicles sold at full price in installments before the meet, so to save the seller and the taxpayer and consumer rights, and to prevent the phenomena of exploitative and harmful setllments and smuggling
  4. The Union actively media to exercise featured the deployment of consumer and cultural awareness among citizens about the key issues in the automotive, such as standards and periodic maintenance and safety rules and the adoption of the agent car and concern for the use of original spare parts
  5. The Union continuously participating in media to spread traffic awareness regarding traffic rules and etiquette and good use of the car and reduce traffic accidents in cooperation with the General Directorate of Traffic public and private and specialized agencies

• The car dealerships Union is a major economic sector in the country. The elite group of businessmen who have been providing the best products and services, exhibitions and workshops, and Cyrua technological and industrial progress, and each of them embodies the success of the march and the pursuit of industrious accompanied the rise of Kuwait, God willing.

• On the occasion of the 25 years since the establishment of the Union, always I hope in the help of God Almighty for us to achieve and would serve the citizens and the elevation of our beloved country and its progress

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