Board Of Directors


Yousef Abdul Latif Ali AlShaya

Vice Chairman

Mohammad Fahad Al-Ghanim


Abdullah Najeeb Al-Mulla


Adel Mohammad Reda Behbahani

General Manager

Retired Major General Yaqoub Mohammad Al-Yaseen
• Union auto dealerships is a body organization representing car dealerships accredited in Kuwait. It is the official legal representative for car agents in front of the official membership and government agencies within and outside the country.

• Union of Automobile was established in 23/08/1978 under Kuwait Law no. 38/1964. The establishment was based on the initiatives of all car dealrships to represent them and defend, regulate their interests among themselves and defend and achieve solidarity and cooperation among themselves and their representation in front of the official authorities and explain their point of view and opinions.

• There are currently 26 member representing more than 50 official and certified car dealship in Kuwait

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