Our Activities

• Conduct research and studies on issues and problems of car market in Kuwait, the Union has issued three detailed case studies on the automotive market in the State of Kuwait and the problems faced by agents in the marketing of motor vehicles and parts.

• Issuance of flyers, brochures and posters about buying the advantages of authorized agent and the use of original spare parts and education and traffic awareness issues, and the use of the car, and concern for the safety such as seat belts safety and standards. The Union also accomplished (9) educational television messages in this area.

• The establishment of training courses to raise the functional competence of workers in automobile dealerships, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kuwait, and other specialized agencies.

• Focus the attention to traffic issues and contribute to the traffic awareness, and to participate in seminars and awareness campaigns related such as traffic weeks and relevant international exhibitions and events. Union is currently working on an in-depth study in cooperation with Kuwait University and the Public Traffic Department to investigate the causes of traffic accidents and ways to address them.

• Contact government authorities to overcome the difficulties that arise from the release of some of the decisions.

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