Al Maseelah Trading Company W.L.L

With the discovery of oil in 1938, a new era of development and economy began in Kuwait. Abdulla Saleh Al Mulla, a very well known diplomatic and business figure, realized the country's need for all kinds of new technology; thus, he exploited his acute economic view to lay down the foundation of “Al Mulla Group”, one of the most important economical groups in Kuwait. In 1938, he established with Saleh Jamal, a small shop for electronic appliances. After an astonishing success, he established Bader Al Mulla and Brothers Company in 1947 which became the sole distributor for Chrysler Cars. Following the death of the founder in 1955, his son, Bader, took over as a chairman, until his death in 1969. His brother Najeeb succeeded him, presiding over the steady expansion of the Group's interests. In 1972, Al Mulla Group introduced Mitsubishi Cars for the first time in Kuwait and the Middle East through its new affiliate company “Al Maseelah Trading Company”. The automotive sector includes 2 showrooms for new cars, 5 service centers, 9 spare parts shops and one showroom for Sold Used Cars.

Since its establishment, Al Mulla Group focused on the special provision in sales and services and the Group sales were reinforced by the provision of strong and high quality of Mitsubishi Cars that was keen on offering the best it has.

Mitsubishi cars

• Mitsubishi Kuwait

• Carmax Mobile

• Al Rai – 4th Ring Road

• Telephone: 22055888

• Sharq - Soor Street - Opposite to Al Shaheed Park

• Hotline : 22055888

• Hotline : 22055888

• Telephone: 23989189 - 23980566 - 23980533

• Telephone: 23924627

• Telephone: 24565603

• Telephone: 24714553

• Telephone: 24912702

• Telephone: 24913641

• (Fuso, MCF, KATO)
• Telephone: 24928805

• Hotline : 22055888

• Hotline : 22055888

• Telephone: 23918973

• Telephone: 24565617

• Telephone: 23984283

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