Mohamed Saleh & Reza Yousuf Behbehani Co.


Mr. Mohammad Reza Yousuf Behbehani
Vice President

Mr. Jassem Mohammad Reza Yousuf Behbehani

Established in :1963

Mohammad Saleh & Reza Yousuf Behbehani Company is one of the most successful and best selling vehicle dealers in Kuwait and in the region, with a long history of achievements, advancement and successful businesses.

The company has one of the most modern and luxurious sales faclaties on both regional and international levels, in addition to a state of the art maintenance workshops and service facalities in the Middle East. The Quick Service workshop is equipped with the latest devices, machines, advanced technical equipment and professional maintenance technicians trained in accordance with the latest administrative and technical development programs.

Mohammad Saleh & Reza Yousuf Behbehani Co. is one of the first companies that received GM tribute and appreciation for its distinctive performance and the success it continually achieves in terms of sales and customer service. We have succeeded in occupying the first position on an international level with regard to sales of Envoy vehicles in 2004, 2005 and 2006 in addition to the second position among all GMC vehicle dealers and distributors in the world. It is currently deemed as one of the leading Kuwaiti companies on a local and international level.

1964: We aquired the "Beaumont" and "Acadian" vehicles agency from General Motors Company and continued to import and sell them in the local market.

1966: GM announced that the company will discontinue the manufacture of the two vehicles mentioned above.

1967: Behbehani acquired GMC Distribution in the state of Kuwait. This actually constituted a good start for the company which preserved this successful path throughout the years and achieved record sales for "Buick" cars alone in 1992 as the sales reached 1,922 vehicles. From that point on there was no looking back. Behbehani continued to expand its portfolio and is now the sole distributor of GMC vehicles in Kuwait.

Behbehani has consistently achieved the "Chairman's Challenge Award" which is General Motors' most prestigious award, for five consecutive years 2003 – 2007, and achieved the "Grand Masters Dealer Award" for 2010. Also Behbehani was awarded as "The Largest stand alone GMC dealer in the world" for the years 2006 and 2010

Automotive Agencies : GMC - Subaru - Isuzu - SEAT - LIFAN

Mohammad Bin Al Qassem St - Kuwait

Telephone: 1884411

Telephone: 1884411

Telephone: 1829888

Telephone: 22060599 - 24791454

Telephone: 1829888

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