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Al Mulla Group founded by Abdullah Saleh Al Mulla can be traced back to its origins to an electrical shop established in Kuwait in 1938. Today, Al Mulla Group is one of the largest privately owned businesses in Kuwait and the Gulf region. With over 15,000 employees, over 40 different Group companies and subsidiaries, operating in 8 different countries and affiliations with over 200 international brands. The history of Al Mulla Group in the automotive sector dates back to 1947 when Al Mulla secured the exclusive distribution rights for Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth automobiles in Kuwait. A milestone in the Group’s history was the year 1972 when Al Mulla was appointed the exclusive distributor for Mitsubishi Motors in Kuwait a pivotal partnership that continues to grow stronger every day. Today, the Automotive Group has presence in Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt and the UAE through a workforce of over 11,000 employees working in 27 divisions and facilities in new and used car showrooms.

The primary role of Al Mulla Group is to create effective and far-reaching solutions that would address a wide range of needs, starting from the automotive industry, financing solutions, engineering, manufacturing, and trading while at the same time identifying and securing new business opportunities that would benefit our customers.

Since 1938, Al Mulla Group has been able to form partnerships with hundreds of internationally renowned brands and companies. These partnerships today exist in different forms, and range from exclusive distributorships and agency representations to brand licensing and joint ventures, all done in the most effective structure to introduce these brands to our customers.

The Group’s operating activities are consolidated into five main business divisions, each division operating independently within parameters set by the Group:
• Automotive Group
• Engineering Group
• Financial Services Group
• Rental and Leasing Group
• Trading and Manufacturing Group

The Group’s team share tremendous expertise in customer service. The staff is highly-trained to provide for every customer need and to deliver exquisite services with utmost care. Al Mulla group is committed to excellence and strive to provide the best customer service by establishing the most desired working environment.

Acura History
The Acura brand was born in 1984. The name is derived from «acu» meaning «Done with Precision» in Latin. One of the unique selling point for Acura were the new technologies that were standard on all the cars.
The car market was undergoing dramatic changes in the 1980s following the economic slowdown when the many young professionals needed a premium vehicle to replace the Honda they used to drive. Honda built excellent vehicles and had the luxury credentials to compete with the likes of Europe's luxury brands. There was a demand to create a new division that is tailored to the needs and wants of luxury buyers. The new division would be entirely separate from Honda, with unique dealerships, first-class customer service and a sales experience that would be second to none. It would cater to luxury and performance.
The first Acura was revealed to the public on March 27, 1986. When the first 60 Acura dealerships opened, it marked a turning point in the luxury car market.

By the end of its first year, Acura had sold 52,869 cars and had grown to 150 dealers. In 1987, sales continued to climb, and Acura posted sales of 109,470 vehicles for the 1987 calendar year. By the end of 1987, Acura had established its luxury car credentials with an award-winning lineup of sedans and coupes.

At the Chicago Auto Show in 1989, Acura unveiled its crown jewel, the third car in its tri-product approach to the luxury market. In 1990, when the NSX debuted, the Acura badge appeared on cars for the first time. It was designed to signify the precision and attention to detail with which Acura products were made.
In the latter half of the 90s, the economy was picking up and the luxury car sales were increasing. With a solid reputation for technological innovation by the mid 90s Acura sales were climbing again. When the CL was introduced in 1997, it marked the beginning of a new era in Acura's history combining high-tech and driving pleasure.

Today, Acura boasts the strongest, most extensive product line in the division's history. The Acura brand appeals to customers whose sense of prestige comes not from traditional status symbols, but from the true sense of being ahead. This is because Acura is committed to creating exhilarating, world-class luxury automobiles that use technology not just to enhance the driving experience, but to make their owners' lives better. Copious use of technology and smart luxury have always been key with Acura vehicles.
In 2013, Acura released the RLX, which is the most powerful, spacious, and technologically advanced sedan introduced by the luxury brand. In May 2013, Acura introduced an all-new MDX, the third generation of Acura's acclaimed 7 passenger luxury performance SUV. The latest of the Acura product onslaught, in 2014 Acura launched the all-new TLX Midsize Luxury Sports Sedan.
The automotive marketplace has changed significantly in the past 29 years, and it will continue to evolve and grow in the future. With sport-utility vehicles (the one-two punch of the MDX and RDX), continued refinement in its hierarchy of luxury sedans (the ILX, TLX, and RLX), and the return of exhilarating new products like the upcoming Acura NSX supercar will remain on the forefront of the luxury performance market for decades to come.

We aspire to lead the automotive industry by setting benchmarks for quality and service by delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction and providing sustainable solutions for causes impacting our community and environment.

To provide our Guests with vehicles that have been perfectly crafted through years of research, innovation and technological advancement combined with the highest standard of customer care at all touch points.

At Al Mulla Acura - Kuwait we endeavour
• To deliver the highest level of customer service and delight our Guests.
• To consistently exceed our Guests expectations to earn trust, confidence and our ultimate goal of Life time customer relationship.
• To take care of our valued Guest with a detail-oriented approach, world-class service quality and utmost personal care.
• To empower our Guest by providing Cars that has been built after years of research, innovation, technological advancement with the highest standards of automotive engineering and design.
• To lead and drive our industry in the causes of our community and environment.
• To remain grounded


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•   Plot 1317, 4th Ring Road, Al Rai, Kuwait

•   P.O. Box 155, Safat 13002, Kuwait

•   Telephone : 1822872

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